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Riggs, George Washington



  • Existence: 1813 - 1881

Found in 23 Collections and/or Records:

Corcoran and Riggs partnership documents

Identifier: MS2221

The collection consists of two documents related to the history of Corcoran and Riggs a predecessor of Riggs Bank. These documents are dated from 1840-48.

Dates: 1840-1848

General Ledger, 1841-1842

 File — Flat_box 4: [Barcode: 32882019667156]
Identifier: Former PNC no. 718
Scope and Contents note Contains general accounts including interest accounts, exchange accounts, bank accounts and investors' accounts. See pages 13-73 and 514-552 for entries for many other banks, page 193 for Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, pages 220-223 for William W. Corcoran, page 340 and 512-513 for Amos Kendall, pages 340 and 380 for Francis Scott Key, pages 376-377 and 385 for Peabody Riggs and Company, pages 394-399, 450 and 453 for Elisha Riggs, pages 399-401 for George Riggs, page 470 and 489 for Daniel...
Dates: 1841-1842

General Ledger, 1853-1863

 File — Flat_box 32: [Barcode: 32882019658460]
Identifier: Former PNC no. 900
Scope and Contents note

Includes accounts of stockholders, interest account, profit and loss, bills receivable. Stored with corresponding index. See pages 247 and 249 for Ole Bull.

Dates: 1853-1863

General Ledger, 1887-1889

 File — Flat_box 39: [Barcode: RG1-FB-39]
Identifier: Former PNC no. 723
Scope and Contents note

Includes accounts for interest, cash, demand loans and key depositors. Loose items in folder inside box including handwritten index.

Dates: 1887-1889

Index to Individual Ledger L-Z, 1871-1873

 File — Flat_box 61: [Barcode: RG1-FB-61]
Identifier: Former PNC no. 791
Scope and Contents note

Stored with corresponding ledger.

Dates: 1871-1873

Individual Ledger, 1844-1846

 File — Flat_box 11: [Barcode: 32882019673436]
Identifier: Former PNC no. 699
Scope and Contents note

See pages 534 for Presidents' House, 560-564 and 566 for Riggs, 675-676 for Tyler, and 726 for Webster.

Dates: 1844-1846

Individual Ledger L-Z, 1871-1873

 File — Flat_box 61: [Barcode: RG1-FB-61]
Identifier: Former PNC no. 187
Scope and Contents note

Stored with corresponding index.

Dates: 1871-1873

Individual Ledger L-Z, 1873-1875

 File — Flat_box 64: [Barcode: RG1-FB-64]
Identifier: Former PNC no. 885
Scope and Contents note

See pages 252 for Merrick, 430 for Riggs, 832-839 for Willard, and 840-843 for Wormley.

Dates: 1873-1875

Individual Ledger L-Z, 1860-1861

 File — Flat_box 49: [Barcode: RG1-FB-49]
Identifier: Former PNC no. 735
Scope and Contents note

Stored with corresponding index. See page 57 for Lincoln, 464-467 for E. Riggs and 476-477 for G. W. Riggs. See Riggs & Co. daybook, 1860-1862, for daybook entries for this ledger.

Dates: 1860-1861

Individual Ledger L-Z, 1866-1868

 File — Flat_box 57: [Barcode: RG1-FB-57]
Identifier: Former PNC no. 185
Scope and Contents note From the Series: Consists of a full run of Riggs & Co. individual deposit ledgers. Many of the ledgers have corresponding indexes. Please note that deposit ledgers without indexes will require significant research time to review for specific patron names because Riggs & Co. did not record patron records alphabetically within each letter. For instance, Brenner is followed by Blake then Boyle, then Barnes, then Berry, then Brown, etc. See flat boxes 58 and 99 for African American depositors identified...
Dates: 1866-1868

Individual Ledger L-Z, No. 1, 1854-1857

 File — Flat_box 45: [Barcode: 32882019648024]
Identifier: Former PNC no. 44
Scope and Contents note

Includes reference to Army and Navy pensions. Stored with corresponding index.

Dates: 1854-1857

Individual Ledger M-Z, 1846-1848

 File — Flat_box 13: [Barcode: 32882019673626]
Identifier: Former PNC no. 227
Scope and Contents note

Loose items in folder inside box. Stored with corresponding index. See pages 79-80 for Mexican Indemnity, 139-140 for Polk, 143 for President's House, 163-166, 543-544 and 739 for Riggs, 222, 234, and 559-560 for Seaton, 297-298 for Treasurer of the United States, 354 and 393 for Webster.

Dates: 1846-1848

Individual Ledger M-Z, 1848-1851

 File — Flat_box 15: [Barcode: 32882019673725]
Identifier: Former PNC no. 692

Individual Ledger M-Z, 1851-1853

 File — Flat_box 17: [Barcode: 32882021640423]
Identifier: Former PNC no. 206
Scope and Contents note

Stored with corresponding index. See pages 41 for Meigs, 320-326 and 382 for Riggs, 381 for Mexican Indemnity Stock, 440-448 for Seaton, 452-455 for Scott, 638-639 for Thom, and 790 for West.

Dates: 1851-1853

Individual Ledger M-Z, 1852-1855

 File — Flat_box 42: [Barcode: 32882019670747]
Identifier: Former PNC no. 148
Scope and Contents note

Stored with corresponding index.

Dates: 1852-1855

Individual Ledger No. 5, L-Z, 1863-1866

 File — Flat_box 55: [Barcode: RG1-FB-55]
Identifier: Former PNC no. 65
Scope and Contents note

Stored with corresponding index. Shepherd's name is partially covered by ink in the index. See page 629 in the ledger for his account. Loose item in folder inside box.

Dates: 1863-1866

Individual Ledger No. 7, L-Z, 1868-1871

 File — Flat_box 59: [Barcode: RG1-FB-59]
Identifier: Former PNC no. 209
Scope and Contents note

Stored with corresponding index. See pages 451 for E. Riggs, 452-458, 474-475, 498, 504 and 507-508 and 514 and 520 for G. W. Riggs, 475 for R. Riggs, 629 for Stanton and 922 for Wormley.

Dates: 1868-1871

Individual Ledger O-Z, 1875-1877

 File — Flat_box 67: [Barcode: RG1-FB-67]
Identifier: Former PNC no. 870
Scope and Contents note

See pages 156-162 for G. Riggs, 290-291 for E. Riggs, 477 for Sioussa.

Dates: 1875-1877

Individual Ledger O-Z, 1880-1882

 File — Flat_box 75: [Barcode: RG1-FB-75]
Identifier: Former PNC no. 973
Scope and Contents note

Sources of deposits recorded in most cases.

Dates: 1880-1882

PNC-Riggs Bank Records

Identifier: MS2213
Abstract Collection consists of the records of Riggs Bank (1896-2005) and its predecessor institutions, Riggs & Co. and Corcoran and Riggs. It also contains records from banks that Riggs acquired or merged with during the early to mid-twentieth century: Central Savings Bank/Hamilton Savings Bank, Northwest Savings Bank, Farmers and Mechanics National Bank, Washington Loan and Trust, Lincoln National Bank, and the National Bank of Washington. The collection includes records of the accounts of...
Dates: 1809-2004

Riggs Family papers

Identifier: MS2239
Abstract This collection contains family photographs (including daguerreotypes and tintypes), travel photographs, books, artwork, personal accessories, draft manuscripts, newspaper clippings, and correspondence. The materials date from 1672-2006, with the bulk of the collection ranging from 1870-1939. The records are related to the Riggs family, including Thomas Riggs, territorial governor of Alaska (1918-1921), and family members involved with the Riggs National Bank of Washington, D.C. Family...
Dates: 1672-1987; Majority of material found within 1870 - 1939

Riggs Family records (Page R. Bradley donation)

Identifier: MS2336
Abstract This collection contains materials relating to the Riggs family, who founded or were connected to numerous Washington, DC banking institutions beginning in the mid-1800s. The materials in this collection include business ledgers, correspondence, and personal belongings related to various members of the Riggs family. These materials date from the early 1800s to 1950. Specific members of the Riggs family represented in this collection include: Elisha Riggs (New York merchant & Georgetown...
Dates: 1800-1950

W. Lloyd Wright papers

Identifier: MS2075

Collection includes correspondence, bills, receipts, lottery tickets, proclamations, testimonials, auction catalogue, newspapers, bonds, stock certificates, and checks. The material dates from 1786-1945. All of the material in this collection relates to prominent people and activities in Washington, D.C.

Dates: 1786-1945

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